Another day another shoe

As we turn into winter the cold nights, the fluffy jumpers, the hot chocolates, snuggles on the sofa……bliss. So we took a trip to Little Herbert’s for some boots for the boys. 

They both measured in between sizes but that’s ok because Amy finds the perfect fit anyway. 

J picked a pair of black boots but he just wouldn’t walk normally in them so she vitoed those, she kindly took him into the store room so he could explore the boxes and find his perfect boot! I personally think he made a great choice and has impeccable taste! Want to see what he picked? 

This incredible pair of lace up Froddo’s, they came with 2 pairs of laces but he opted for yellow 😍

The baby was given the choice of 2 boots and he picked the colour he wanted. 

Another pair of Froddo’s this pair have Velcro for ease and a gorgeous soft and fluffy inner so they can be worn without socks and your feet will still be nice and toasty. 

If you are also shopping for winter shoes for the kids do pop in, the service is amazing, the shoes are lovely and you will be supporting a local lady making a living 💕

Cadbury world

Today we went on a home ed trip to Cadbury World in Birmingham. 

The boys were very excited as was I tbh. We met the rest of the group in the foyer and began our adventure into chocolate. 

As soon as we walked into the queue we were handed 3 bars of chocolate each (curly wurly, diary milk, crunchie) I assume this is a random selection but very much appreciated by the boys either way! I’m not going to tell you about every part of the day just highlights 🙂

We walked into a Mayan jungle, we learnt that the Mayans used cocoa beans as currency. We learnt that the first kind of chocolate was drank and that pleasure was saved exclusively for men of wealth in the Georgian times. 

Further along we were given a pot of melted chocolate and asked to pick 2 toppings. 
We had a quick stop for lunch (despite consuming chocolate all day they still had to eat!) then they had a play on the park. 

After burning off some sugar fuelled energy we went to the 4D cinema. This was by far my favourite part of the day! Amazing experience, the seats moved and you felt part of the scene. 

Just look at those seats 💺. 

A quick trip round the shop and a hot chocolate of course, and we were ready for home. 

Would I go again? Probably to find out what the new part is there are opening, as the whole packaging plant was closed, so fingers crossed its replacement is just as much fun as the rest of it. 

I’m writing this whilst the children sleep and B drives so all in all it’s been a good day, who wouldn’t want to learn with chocolate? 

Green hair who cares? 

My little monster has been asking me for a little while to dye his hair. 

He has beautiful long blonde hair so dying it any colour wouldn’t be an issue. He’s also very lucky to be surround by people that are allowed the same freedoms (most of our friends home educate so don’t have to adhere to school policies in regards to hair colour). I asked him what colour he wanted and he picked green, so off we went and found the Live spray in temporary green. I picked this one because if he didn’t like it then it would wash out and it wouldn’t be an issue. 

So I sprayed him and this was the result, it actually looks much better in person. But it’s been on less than 24 hours without being washed and it’s started to fade at the back of his head where he sleeps so I’m going to get a bit braver and get something that will last! 

He clearly loves his green hair, here’s a selfie he took last night. Can’t wait to get him something more long lasting ordered. 

Guys it’s just hair colour say yes let children be free, it’s his body and his choice. 

Boys with long hair. 

I have 2 beautiful boys who both happen to have long blonde hair. 

Sometimes they let me tie it up, sometimes they don’t! 

The often get called girls because of their despite the fact they wear ‘boys’ clothes. We are all constantly correcting people. Some people apologise, some don’t! Some get really defensive, which I don’t understand if anything it should be the other way round. 

There’s still a massive stigma around boys having long hair despite top knots being all the rage. So let’s pretend you have a boy with long hair and you go shopping to buy them something to tie it back with……where do you go? What do you buy? Everything is pink and sparkly and aimed at girls, there’s a massive gap in the market for boys hair ties. I made my own! 

They have cars, boats, dinosaurs etc the rabbit was a special request from my oldest so I made that for him. 

The boys don’t want their hair cut. It’s their hair and they will tell me when they are ready to have it cut, when that time comes we will go together and have whatever he wants doing to it done. 

So yes I have 2 boys, yes they have long hair and no I don’t want to just cut it, no I didn’t wish they were girls. Please let children be children 👶