Another day another shoe

As we turn into winter the cold nights, the fluffy jumpers, the hot chocolates, snuggles on the sofa……bliss. So we took a trip to Little Herbert’s for some boots for the boys. 

They both measured in between sizes but that’s ok because Amy finds the perfect fit anyway. 

J picked a pair of black boots but he just wouldn’t walk normally in them so she vitoed those, she kindly took him into the store room so he could explore the boxes and find his perfect boot! I personally think he made a great choice and has impeccable taste! Want to see what he picked? 

This incredible pair of lace up Froddo’s, they came with 2 pairs of laces but he opted for yellow 😍

The baby was given the choice of 2 boots and he picked the colour he wanted. 

Another pair of Froddo’s this pair have Velcro for ease and a gorgeous soft and fluffy inner so they can be worn without socks and your feet will still be nice and toasty. 

If you are also shopping for winter shoes for the kids do pop in, the service is amazing, the shoes are lovely and you will be supporting a local lady making a living 💕

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