What an experience 

I promised you all that I would write about my sound bath so here goes. 

Why did I want a sound bath? Just recently I’ve had a lot of stress in my life, with all of my white goods needing replacing within a month, my car constantly breaking down then dying and the landlord selling my house. I’ve been completely stressed and overwhelmed at finding extra money to replace things whilst trying to save to move house. 

I arrived at Earth Tones Sound Therapy and answered a few questions, those questions were used to find the best type of therapy for me. The wonderful Mahala decided that a gong treatment would be best. 

I have to say I was a little sceptical and honestly didn’t know what to expect. 

As the treatment began I started to relax, I’ve never experienced sound in such a way. I’ve never been very good with sound, I can’t pick out different parts to a song so thought the treatment wouldn’t work. How wrong was I? I didn’t need to pick out parts but the sound travelled through my body, I could feel it. It made my whole body tingle, goosebumps appeared. In a word exhilarating. 

I finished the treatment after what I thought was ten minutes, I was informed it was actually 45! 

This blog is honestly the best I can muster to explain what happened, I would highly recommend you try it for yourself! 

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