Another day, more bad news

Tuesday my car died and I found out that it was uneconomical to get it fixed baring in mind I’ve only had it 10 months! 

This morning I get a phone call from some guy that wants to take photos of the house to list it for sale, the estate agent didn’t even bother to let us know! 

This afternoon another call asking if someone can view the house next week. Ok so I ask if they are a potential new landlord apparently not. The landlord has given permission to sell the house to anyone despite telling us he wants to sell it with us as sitting tenants! The person coming to view the house is looking to buy it for themselves so we will need to move. According the estate agent I don’t have to panic and these things take time etc between 8-12 weeks which takes us right up to Christmas! 

I’m going to be homeless with 2 small children at Christmas. Are these people real?! So I’m house hunting. I hate the fact he lied to me, I hate the fact he’s going to swindle out of giving us our deposit back. I will not let this beat me! 

They say things come in threes I don’t know what else they can throw at us at this point but whatever it may be I’m ready 💪🏼

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