Another day another breakdown 

Yesterday we had an amazing day at Eureka! The Child’s Muesum. 

It was a long journey but totally worth it for the amount of fun the kids had. I had kids aged 3-9 and there was something for all of them to do. If you haven’t been yet I highly recommend going, plus you pay once and can go back for the rest of the year for FREE. 

After a great day we headed home as we left the M62 to join the M1 my car decided to die. I went from first to second and CLUNK the car stopped. It kinda felt like the car had stalled but it wouldn’t turn on again. So another call to the AA 17:52, shortly after his call the police pulled up to check we were ok and told me he was going to ring the AA and ensure we were a priority as a lone female with 4 small children. It’s a good job he did ring because they had got my location wrong 😫

Here was our ‘safe spot’. I got a text saying a truck would be there to pick us up by 18:55 he was there 18:25! Super impressed I thought yes. Still get home at a reasonable time and this won’t have tainted the day too much. 

The guys loads us up and off we go…….or so I thought. About 5 minutes into our rescue journey the guy tells me he’s just had notification from his HQ that he has to take us to the nearest services and we have to wait for an actual AA truck, the reason he can’t take us home is he can only drive 50 miles and we lived 53 so he needs permission to take us that far which was denied. It’s ok we will at least be safe and we can grab some food and wait for the next truck. He drops up off at 18:44 and we go grab some food. After eating an hour had passed so I just give them another call to find out what’s actually happening. The caller tells me that they haven’t even allocated us a truck yet, at which point I’m kinda losing the will to live, the kids were getting bored and running around being loud and more than anything we were all tired. Another text – a truck will be with us by 20:10. I decide to take the kids outside and back to the car, as we walk outside there’s a recovery truck with some AA stickers on so I go over and hope he’s our ride home. Turns out he wasn’t but again he rang the AA for us and tried to hurry us a ride home. 

Just after 8 the AA truck arrives whoop!! Home time…….nope the kids seats won’t fit in the truck and he is t allowed to take us without them 😫 so he informs me that he will have to call us a taxi to take us home and he will follow with the car. 21:18 the taxi finally arrives and we set off for home with our eta as 10:01 a whole 3 hours later! 

We still have no idea what’s wrong with the car and the heap of scrap metal is just plonked outside the house! Until next time 😂🤣

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