Perals of Pokémon hunting 

J is Pokémon mad, it’s all he talks about! 

If you aren’t a Pokémon geek I wouldn’t read any further 😉

I found out that they had released the regionals and Unown but only in a few big cities, one of those being Birmingham. After working a full on Saturday night at work. I dragged my sorry tired self out of bed and packed us all in the car and we headed off to Brum! Let’s catch us some rare Pokemon! 

We get on the M6 to find the junction we want is closed so we head to the next one to get into the city centre. Here’s where the problem started. On the slip road B noticed smoke coming from the engine. Stop the car and boom 💥 we have coolant leaking everywhere. 

As I took out an AA membership after my last 4 hour stint on the motorway. 

I rang the AA at 13:21 to be informed we were a priority as we had stopped in a dangerous place (let’s not forget the 5 & 3 year old in the back) I was informed someone would be there within the hour. A few minutes later I got a text stating a patrol would be there at 2:40. Ok we can make this work! 

At 13:33 I got a call saying the patrol would be about 20 mins away and did we need anything. Wow now that’s service. 

20 mins later still no yellow van 😩 another call this time from the man in the van himself, saying he had gone to our location and we weren’t there! He’d gone to the slip road on the other side.  He informed me it would take 20 mins for him to turn around as he had to go up and back around (fair enough that’s the way that motorways work) so it’s now 15:15 almost 2 hours after my call. 

Phone rings again (15:48) he’s saw us and drove past and would need to turn around again (another 20mins) well this was the straw that broke the camels back. I had lost all paitence. We had been sat on a very busy slip road for 2 1/2 hours 

Finally I see a yellow van (15:53) he sprays carb cleaner on and gets me to drive round the corner to a safer location. 

Turns out the intercooler has been rubbing on the veins and it has a hole in it, because some muppet has left 2 bolts out (that’s a different rant though) Eventually he adds radweld and can finally start making our way home. 

17:51 we were free. 4 1/2 hours later. 

This is as close as we got to the city centre. Until next Birmingham it’s been emotional! 

This won’t stop us trying for those Pokemon maybe next time we will get a coach 😂

2 thoughts on “Perals of Pokémon hunting 

  1. Oh no… what a nightmare!
    I drove from Birmingham to Nottingham this morning to pick up my sister, and then back home for friends flying into Bham from their holiday.
    Train next time… it’ll take you right into the city centre without having to navigate Birmingham traffic and all the road closures etc.


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