Green hair who cares? 

My little monster has been asking me for a little while to dye his hair. 

He has beautiful long blonde hair so dying it any colour wouldn’t be an issue. He’s also very lucky to be surround by people that are allowed the same freedoms (most of our friends home educate so don’t have to adhere to school policies in regards to hair colour). I asked him what colour he wanted and he picked green, so off we went and found the Live spray in temporary green. I picked this one because if he didn’t like it then it would wash out and it wouldn’t be an issue. 

So I sprayed him and this was the result, it actually looks much better in person. But it’s been on less than 24 hours without being washed and it’s started to fade at the back of his head where he sleeps so I’m going to get a bit braver and get something that will last! 

He clearly loves his green hair, here’s a selfie he took last night. Can’t wait to get him something more long lasting ordered. 

Guys it’s just hair colour say yes let children be free, it’s his body and his choice. 

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