Little Herbert Shoe Shop

This quirky little shop is in Southwell but don’t worry you can get your hands on a pair of shoes as the have an online Shop too. 

The owner is a lovely lady that has many years of experience fitting shoes and knows her brands inside and out. I love to try and support local independent shops whenever I can (I also vowed never to buy from Clarkes again, but that’s a whole different story)

Most of the brands she sells are barefoot friendly with flexible soft soles and wriggle room for toes. Barefoot is really good for healthy development of the feet and spine. 

But let’s forget the shoes just for a second and let’s talk about the service. You are always greeted with a smile and feel totally welcome. The shop is extremely child friendly with toys for them to play with while you’re waiting 

She’s so patient and kind to the children, you don’t feel rushed or obliged to buy in fact when we went today we only came away with shoes for one child, she wouldn’t sell me shoes for the other because they didn’t fit his feet right 😳 wow right? She wouldn’t sell me shoes just for the sake of sale, she actually cares about the health and development of children’s feet and overall happiness of the child. 

Today J tried on a pair of trainers that he’s currently had 4 pairs of but today he said they felt weird so he ended up with a lovely pair of Froddos 

So if the kids need new shoes pop along she has all sorts in, plus she has a sale on 😉

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