Trying to get fit! 

This is a boasting blog. 

Yesterday my activity tracker (my watch) told me I burnt the most amount of calories ever in a single day. 

I’m proud of myself but also slightly annoyed, as I upped my daily move goal from 330 calories to 400 (even though my watch wanted me to have it as 540 😳). If I had not up my move goal then I would have tripled my goal. I will achieve that badge! 

So yesterday I did 2 classes 

The HIIT class I did was Boogie Bounce if you aren’t familiar it’s a trampette with a handle 

You have to do different bounces etc to the music. It’s really fun and is a great cardio workout and it’s really good for balance! 

I then went to an Aerial Hoop class 

Learning moves like this^ Aerial is a great strength workout, it works every part of your body, especially arms and core. 

I really enjoy both these classes and it’s a challenge each time which I need to keep me interesting and going back. 

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