Slingababy Consultant 

So today was the last day of my 4 days training with the oh so lovely Lorette (roll that r 😉) from Slingababy

I’ve had a wonderful time learning, learning new skills and techniques. But more than that I learnt to never judge, you will meet all kinds of people that want to carry their baby/ toddler/ grandchild/ child mindee etc, people carry for all kinds of reasons. Whatever that reason or however they carry it should be celebrated. In the western world we live in we have become so accustomed to putting baby down and not making them ‘clingy’. You CANNOT spoil your child with love ❤️. 

It was really important for me to go and remind myself why I run a sling library. This gave me the chance to reconnect and be around people that love slings and love carrying. 

I look forward to empowering people in making the right choices about the way they carry their baby’s. 

From the bottom of my heart Lorette thank you ❤️❤️

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