Boys with long hair. 

I have 2 beautiful boys who both happen to have long blonde hair. 

Sometimes they let me tie it up, sometimes they don’t! 

The often get called girls because of their despite the fact they wear ‘boys’ clothes. We are all constantly correcting people. Some people apologise, some don’t! Some get really defensive, which I don’t understand if anything it should be the other way round. 

There’s still a massive stigma around boys having long hair despite top knots being all the rage. So let’s pretend you have a boy with long hair and you go shopping to buy them something to tie it back with……where do you go? What do you buy? Everything is pink and sparkly and aimed at girls, there’s a massive gap in the market for boys hair ties. I made my own! 

They have cars, boats, dinosaurs etc the rabbit was a special request from my oldest so I made that for him. 

The boys don’t want their hair cut. It’s their hair and they will tell me when they are ready to have it cut, when that time comes we will go together and have whatever he wants doing to it done. 

So yes I have 2 boys, yes they have long hair and no I don’t want to just cut it, no I didn’t wish they were girls. Please let children be children 👶 

2 thoughts on “Boys with long hair. 

  1. Hugo won’t let me tie his hair back at all… I do wish he would sometimes!
    He gets called a girl a lot – he’s usually wearing bright colours including pink, so I can see why people make the mistake. Depending on who they are, sometimes I don’t bother correcting them, I’m sure Hugo will as he gets older.


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