Tried something new 🥊

Yesterday I decided I wanted to start boxing partly because I wanted to hit stuff but also because I had heard it burns serious calories! I’ve been trying to exercise more to get fitter and lose weight (I can feel a slight improvement to my fitness but not my weight.) Anyway a friend on Facebook advertised a new boxing class starting 5 mins from my house 🏡 

Today I just decided today was that day that I would go! I went alone which is really scary when your overweight entering a gym full of perfect triangles (those perfect men shaped like diarylea triangles while I resemble the box) 

Gets in the class and I’m still nervous but it’s too late to back out now. I’m not going to bore you with the contents of the class but let me tell you it was hard work! I popped the workout app on my watch on just to see. Turns out I did 304 calories in 40 mins, it stopped working after that (must have caught it when I put gloves on) 

I went home and I literally couldn’t stop shaking, I tried to eat but it made very little difference. My only problem was that I needed to get ready for work! I ended up calling my friend to come and do my makeup I just couldn’t do it. I have never ever felt like that after exercise. So I decided to sign up to the local White Collar Boxing events for charity. So watch this space as I train for that! 

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