Trials of a toddler 

We had a lovely lazy morning just playing at home. I’d booked for us to go to the local trampoline park for the toddler session, it’s cheaper and it’s not as busy, plus both the boys can jump at the same time. Which isn’t the case for an open jump. Anyway! 

We decided on Subway for lunch and whilst sat eating the baby has an accident, more like a dribble. We rush to the toilet only for him to manage to wee all over himself and not in the toilet 🙄 it’s ok I have spare clothes in the car 🚗. 

Nope…..I had instructed my oh to bring all the clothes out the car last night thinking that they still had some in the bag *sigh* by this point it was time to be at the trampoline park and I have a crying J who couldn’t understand why we had to go home. 

We made it back with half the session left. 

The little monkeys still had a great time and didn’t want to leave ❤️

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