Welcome to my blog. 

Hi my name is Leah and I started this blog to show the ups and downs of normal life.  

I’m a mother to 2 small humans, both are boys, both have gorgeous long blonde hair (maybe that doesn’t matter to most but it’s important for later when they get called girls!) J is 5 and A is 3 we home educate so this blog will contain some of that too! 

I also work part time as a photographer/ bar staff in a late night bar, I am a Younique presenter and I run a sling library (voluntarily) so expect all of these to crop up at some point.  This is us, I look forward to chatting with you all again soon. 

Another day another shoe

As we turn into winter the cold nights, the fluffy jumpers, the hot chocolates, snuggles on the sofa……bliss. So we took a trip to Little Herbert’s for some boots for the boys. 

They both measured in between sizes but that’s ok because Amy finds the perfect fit anyway. 

J picked a pair of black boots but he just wouldn’t walk normally in them so she vitoed those, she kindly took him into the store room so he could explore the boxes and find his perfect boot! I personally think he made a great choice and has impeccable taste! Want to see what he picked? 

This incredible pair of lace up Froddo’s, they came with 2 pairs of laces but he opted for yellow 😍

The baby was given the choice of 2 boots and he picked the colour he wanted. 

Another pair of Froddo’s this pair have Velcro for ease and a gorgeous soft and fluffy inner so they can be worn without socks and your feet will still be nice and toasty. 

If you are also shopping for winter shoes for the kids do pop in, the service is amazing, the shoes are lovely and you will be supporting a local lady making a living 💕

Cadbury world

Today we went on a home ed trip to Cadbury World in Birmingham. 

The boys were very excited as was I tbh. We met the rest of the group in the foyer and began our adventure into chocolate. 

As soon as we walked into the queue we were handed 3 bars of chocolate each (curly wurly, diary milk, crunchie) I assume this is a random selection but very much appreciated by the boys either way! I’m not going to tell you about every part of the day just highlights 🙂

We walked into a Mayan jungle, we learnt that the Mayans used cocoa beans as currency. We learnt that the first kind of chocolate was drank and that pleasure was saved exclusively for men of wealth in the Georgian times. 

Further along we were given a pot of melted chocolate and asked to pick 2 toppings. 
We had a quick stop for lunch (despite consuming chocolate all day they still had to eat!) then they had a play on the park. 

After burning off some sugar fuelled energy we went to the 4D cinema. This was by far my favourite part of the day! Amazing experience, the seats moved and you felt part of the scene. 

Just look at those seats 💺. 

A quick trip round the shop and a hot chocolate of course, and we were ready for home. 

Would I go again? Probably to find out what the new part is there are opening, as the whole packaging plant was closed, so fingers crossed its replacement is just as much fun as the rest of it. 

I’m writing this whilst the children sleep and B drives so all in all it’s been a good day, who wouldn’t want to learn with chocolate? 

What an experience 

I promised you all that I would write about my sound bath so here goes. 

Why did I want a sound bath? Just recently I’ve had a lot of stress in my life, with all of my white goods needing replacing within a month, my car constantly breaking down then dying and the landlord selling my house. I’ve been completely stressed and overwhelmed at finding extra money to replace things whilst trying to save to move house. 

I arrived at Earth Tones Sound Therapy and answered a few questions, those questions were used to find the best type of therapy for me. The wonderful Mahala decided that a gong treatment would be best. 

I have to say I was a little sceptical and honestly didn’t know what to expect. 

As the treatment began I started to relax, I’ve never experienced sound in such a way. I’ve never been very good with sound, I can’t pick out different parts to a song so thought the treatment wouldn’t work. How wrong was I? I didn’t need to pick out parts but the sound travelled through my body, I could feel it. It made my whole body tingle, goosebumps appeared. In a word exhilarating. 

I finished the treatment after what I thought was ten minutes, I was informed it was actually 45! 

This blog is honestly the best I can muster to explain what happened, I would highly recommend you try it for yourself! 

Another day, more bad news

Tuesday my car died and I found out that it was uneconomical to get it fixed baring in mind I’ve only had it 10 months! 

This morning I get a phone call from some guy that wants to take photos of the house to list it for sale, the estate agent didn’t even bother to let us know! 

This afternoon another call asking if someone can view the house next week. Ok so I ask if they are a potential new landlord apparently not. The landlord has given permission to sell the house to anyone despite telling us he wants to sell it with us as sitting tenants! The person coming to view the house is looking to buy it for themselves so we will need to move. According the estate agent I don’t have to panic and these things take time etc between 8-12 weeks which takes us right up to Christmas! 

I’m going to be homeless with 2 small children at Christmas. Are these people real?! So I’m house hunting. I hate the fact he lied to me, I hate the fact he’s going to swindle out of giving us our deposit back. I will not let this beat me! 

They say things come in threes I don’t know what else they can throw at us at this point but whatever it may be I’m ready 💪🏼

Another day another breakdown 

Yesterday we had an amazing day at Eureka! The Child’s Muesum. 

It was a long journey but totally worth it for the amount of fun the kids had. I had kids aged 3-9 and there was something for all of them to do. If you haven’t been yet I highly recommend going, plus you pay once and can go back for the rest of the year for FREE. 

After a great day we headed home as we left the M62 to join the M1 my car decided to die. I went from first to second and CLUNK the car stopped. It kinda felt like the car had stalled but it wouldn’t turn on again. So another call to the AA 17:52, shortly after his call the police pulled up to check we were ok and told me he was going to ring the AA and ensure we were a priority as a lone female with 4 small children. It’s a good job he did ring because they had got my location wrong 😫

Here was our ‘safe spot’. I got a text saying a truck would be there to pick us up by 18:55 he was there 18:25! Super impressed I thought yes. Still get home at a reasonable time and this won’t have tainted the day too much. 

The guys loads us up and off we go…….or so I thought. About 5 minutes into our rescue journey the guy tells me he’s just had notification from his HQ that he has to take us to the nearest services and we have to wait for an actual AA truck, the reason he can’t take us home is he can only drive 50 miles and we lived 53 so he needs permission to take us that far which was denied. It’s ok we will at least be safe and we can grab some food and wait for the next truck. He drops up off at 18:44 and we go grab some food. After eating an hour had passed so I just give them another call to find out what’s actually happening. The caller tells me that they haven’t even allocated us a truck yet, at which point I’m kinda losing the will to live, the kids were getting bored and running around being loud and more than anything we were all tired. Another text – a truck will be with us by 20:10. I decide to take the kids outside and back to the car, as we walk outside there’s a recovery truck with some AA stickers on so I go over and hope he’s our ride home. Turns out he wasn’t but again he rang the AA for us and tried to hurry us a ride home. 

Just after 8 the AA truck arrives whoop!! Home time…….nope the kids seats won’t fit in the truck and he is t allowed to take us without them 😫 so he informs me that he will have to call us a taxi to take us home and he will follow with the car. 21:18 the taxi finally arrives and we set off for home with our eta as 10:01 a whole 3 hours later! 

We still have no idea what’s wrong with the car and the heap of scrap metal is just plonked outside the house! Until next time 😂🤣

Supporting friends 

Over the last few months I’ve been trying to buy from my friends and support their businesses. 

I’m so lucky I’m surround by amazingly talented people and those inspire me. 

I had this amazing picture painted. 

The wonderful Samantha did this for me ❤️

I then had this drawn 

Anime style portrait for the OH’s birthday was drawn by Zoe

This book has certainly made me smile! Grab yourself a copy from Amazon

I’m also booked onto do a Sound Bath too. I will write a whole new blog on that experience. 

There are some friends I haven’t got round to supporting yet and I promise to try my best to get to you all! 

There are some friends that I won’t be able to support because you do or make things that I wouldn’t use or need and I’m sorry but that doesn’t mean I love you guys any less. 

As I’m getting older I’m realising the value in handmade items they aren’t always the cheapest but they are certainly worth every penny, because every penny goes to that person not some big shot CEO. It goes towards the small things like putting food on someone’s table. Please if you can support your friends it will mean the world to them! 

Perals of Pokémon hunting 

J is Pokémon mad, it’s all he talks about! 

If you aren’t a Pokémon geek I wouldn’t read any further 😉

I found out that they had released the regionals and Unown but only in a few big cities, one of those being Birmingham. After working a full on Saturday night at work. I dragged my sorry tired self out of bed and packed us all in the car and we headed off to Brum! Let’s catch us some rare Pokemon! 

We get on the M6 to find the junction we want is closed so we head to the next one to get into the city centre. Here’s where the problem started. On the slip road B noticed smoke coming from the engine. Stop the car and boom 💥 we have coolant leaking everywhere. 

As I took out an AA membership after my last 4 hour stint on the motorway. 

I rang the AA at 13:21 to be informed we were a priority as we had stopped in a dangerous place (let’s not forget the 5 & 3 year old in the back) I was informed someone would be there within the hour. A few minutes later I got a text stating a patrol would be there at 2:40. Ok we can make this work! 

At 13:33 I got a call saying the patrol would be about 20 mins away and did we need anything. Wow now that’s service. 

20 mins later still no yellow van 😩 another call this time from the man in the van himself, saying he had gone to our location and we weren’t there! He’d gone to the slip road on the other side.  He informed me it would take 20 mins for him to turn around as he had to go up and back around (fair enough that’s the way that motorways work) so it’s now 15:15 almost 2 hours after my call. 

Phone rings again (15:48) he’s saw us and drove past and would need to turn around again (another 20mins) well this was the straw that broke the camels back. I had lost all paitence. We had been sat on a very busy slip road for 2 1/2 hours 

Finally I see a yellow van (15:53) he sprays carb cleaner on and gets me to drive round the corner to a safer location. 

Turns out the intercooler has been rubbing on the veins and it has a hole in it, because some muppet has left 2 bolts out (that’s a different rant though) Eventually he adds radweld and can finally start making our way home. 

17:51 we were free. 4 1/2 hours later. 

This is as close as we got to the city centre. Until next Birmingham it’s been emotional! 

This won’t stop us trying for those Pokemon maybe next time we will get a coach 😂

Green hair who cares? 

My little monster has been asking me for a little while to dye his hair. 

He has beautiful long blonde hair so dying it any colour wouldn’t be an issue. He’s also very lucky to be surround by people that are allowed the same freedoms (most of our friends home educate so don’t have to adhere to school policies in regards to hair colour). I asked him what colour he wanted and he picked green, so off we went and found the Live spray in temporary green. I picked this one because if he didn’t like it then it would wash out and it wouldn’t be an issue. 

So I sprayed him and this was the result, it actually looks much better in person. But it’s been on less than 24 hours without being washed and it’s started to fade at the back of his head where he sleeps so I’m going to get a bit braver and get something that will last! 

He clearly loves his green hair, here’s a selfie he took last night. Can’t wait to get him something more long lasting ordered. 

Guys it’s just hair colour say yes let children be free, it’s his body and his choice. 

Little Herbert Shoe Shop

This quirky little shop is in Southwell but don’t worry you can get your hands on a pair of shoes as the have an online Shop too. 

The owner is a lovely lady that has many years of experience fitting shoes and knows her brands inside and out. I love to try and support local independent shops whenever I can (I also vowed never to buy from Clarkes again, but that’s a whole different story)

Most of the brands she sells are barefoot friendly with flexible soft soles and wriggle room for toes. Barefoot is really good for healthy development of the feet and spine. 

But let’s forget the shoes just for a second and let’s talk about the service. You are always greeted with a smile and feel totally welcome. The shop is extremely child friendly with toys for them to play with while you’re waiting 

She’s so patient and kind to the children, you don’t feel rushed or obliged to buy in fact when we went today we only came away with shoes for one child, she wouldn’t sell me shoes for the other because they didn’t fit his feet right 😳 wow right? She wouldn’t sell me shoes just for the sake of sale, she actually cares about the health and development of children’s feet and overall happiness of the child. 

Today J tried on a pair of trainers that he’s currently had 4 pairs of but today he said they felt weird so he ended up with a lovely pair of Froddos 

So if the kids need new shoes pop along she has all sorts in, plus she has a sale on 😉

Summer Safety Show 

I’m grateful I have a lovely relationship with my local library as each year they invite me to have a stand at their Summer Safety Show. 

The event promotes being safe over the summer so there are lots of different people from surestart (providing crafts and talking about sun screen) to car safety, fire brigade etc. I’m honoured to be part of such a great event. 

Slings are also fantastic in the summer months when the children are off school and you have those extra little ones to entertain all day. Slings give you the opportunity to have a smaller child attached safely to you while you run after the other one! 

I took a bag of slings with me just containing the basics so people could see and feel the different kinds of slings. 

The postman was also kind to me this morning delivering me 2 brand new demo dolls 

All in all we had a fantastic day helping people and promoting the library that’s right on their door step.